Speed Up Education aims to help every student achieve their academic goals, and always values students’ academic performance as top priority. Available Tutoring courses encompass almost all major fields including Business, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Linguistic, Statistics, and more. Services also available for elementary school and post secondary school students who wish to improve their academic performance for university admission application. Experienced tutors engage students into a more focused study environment  while providing targeted study guides. In the past few years, our elite team had helped countless students break through their academic struggles, successfully received university offers and graduate from universities with outstanding performance. The name of Speed Up Education keeps growing, students’ great achievement marks our success and move Speed Up Education forward to each new milestone.

Weekly Class

B Grade guaranteed. Each tutoring class is followed by one school lecture on a weekly basis. 3 hours per class for a total of 12 weeks throughout each semester. 6 hours of exam review prior to mid-terms and finals.

Exam Review

10 hours of the Exam review sessions include 4 hours of the essential course knowledge review, mock exams review, and 6  hours of the targeted review on difficult questions.

Transfer Program

Services include Majors Selecting Evaluation, Academic Planning for any Transfer Program, Night Class Sessions, Weekly Class sessions. Targeted solution for students with various backgrounds.


Services include one-on-one consultation for Academic Planning, Field Selecting Advisory, and Courses Recommendation. Recommended for fresh year students.

Tutoring for Elementary School Level

Other than tutoring on university courses, we also take a different approach to elementary school tutoring — one that focuses on not just what kids are learning but also how they are learning as well. We offer high quality and affordable academic tutoring to Elementary students who wish to improve their academic performance. Our small size class specifically targeted on children ensures the quality of mentoring and that every student receives improved grades at the end of each semester.

Tutoring for Post Secondary School Level

Many students in Post Secondary School struggle with grades especially when it comes to the senior high school years. Speed Up Education covers almost all fields of study including Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, History, Geography and so on. We accept students from all age groups regardless of their academic levels. Get started today and receive university enrolment early!

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