About Us

Founded in 2014, Speed Up Education has helped thousands of students succeed at school. Specialized in university courses including Economics, Business, Linguistic, Math, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics, and so on, Speed Up aims to engage all students in effective learning, and achieve successful goals. 

Speed Up offers three areas of study which include English Learning, University Courses Tutoring, and Career Training. Fresh-year students benefit from breaking through English obstacles in no time with Speed Up exclusively designed English Training courses, getting higher GPA under the tutoring of our sophisticated instructors, and improving competitiveness in any industry sector under the Career Training programs. Our unique learning experience improves students’ attitude toward learning and school, encourage students’ self-paced and self-directed learning which lead to their lifelong success.  Speed Up is a place to be, a place to learn!

Promo Videos

《At Speed Up》

A rap style music video promoting Speed Up Cultures. Presented by Speed Up employees.

《Speed Up Disco》

A rap style music video introducing the contrary side among all tutoring schools in North America.

《Love At Speed Up》

A documentary depicting  what each day is like for employees at different positions.

《5 Year Anniversary》

An event record for our 5 Years Anniversary in 2018. All employees gathered  and shared honour.

Service Process

Prior to Univeristy (16-18 Years Old)

Based on the statistics, over 60% of the Chinese international students have one step away from getting into universities due to their English levels. Most of their English levels fail to meet the requirement of university standard. Speed Up Education offers IELTS training specifically for Academic, allowing students who lack of English skills whether it is literacy or speaking,  obtain required IELTS scores within just five weeks.

During School Years (18-22 Years Old)

Students need to complete 120 credits which is equivalent to about 35 courses throughout school years in order to graduate from universities. Speed Up offers tutoring courses specifically for students who wish to obtain higher grades in some difficult subjects. For students who want to obtain above B levels for all subjects, Weekly classes are the best choice.

Employment (23-24 Years Old)

After graduation, students will have to seek employment opportunities to gain real work experience and start building their career paths. Out of all international students, about 30% of the students choose to stay abroad to gain work experience, some of them even dive into specialized areas such as getting a CFA certificate to improve their competitiveness. About 70% of these students will most likely choose Career Training Program at Speed Up for their CFA, CSC, and FRM exam preparation. 

Applying for Immigration (24-25 Years Old)

After gaining some work experience, about 80% of the international students will most likely stay abroad and apply for immigration. Speed Up offers IELTS training for General which effectively helps applicants fully prepare for the IELTS exams.