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Speed Up Education helps students engage in academic courses more effectively by providing in depth after-school tutoring services. Each tutoring course is followed by one school lecture on a weekly basis. Our knowledgeable tutors will help you build confidence in any difficult subject, and achieve academic success!


Speed Up English Learning provides courses including IELTS, LPI, CELPIP, and VIP one-to-one training. Our experienced English instructors will help you gain better understanding of exam tips, grammar structure, English writing, speaking skills, English reading, and so on. You will be surprised to see a drastic improvement in no time!


Speed Up Career Training helps students especially those who are fresh off the boat, step up for their career paths. Courses available are CFA, CSC, Excel, and Resume&Interviews, international students have opportunities to build confidence before entering the competitive society. 


Wender Group Holding was founded  in 2014, headquarter located in Vancouver. In the past few years, our team size has grown from a few staffs to today’s over hundreds of elite employees. Each year the number of our students grew exponentially.

Speed Up Education, being the most successful tutoring company in the market, has been honoured to be one of the fastest growing companies in North America.  In the future, we are excited to continue expanding locations and provide excellent tutoring services to help more students succeed!

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90% of the top-graded students are with Speed Up

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“Starting a business isn’t easy. 95% of the entrepreneurs failed along the way. Some of their names did not even sparkle and soon disappear. In the rest of the 5%, they build high-rises, they banquet for temporary success, but in the end, you see their names gradually fade. Only the 1% of those who are backed up with a strong team, supportive to each other, working together with optimism, willing to take challenges, are able to succeed.

I always believe that starting a business isn’t easy, but the effort you put in speaks the result. The more you do, keep your passion, hold on to your insist, whenever it gets difficult, hold on tight for a few more seconds, you will then have much better odds.”     

— Bright

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